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Proyectos de laboratorio

Bitbarcodes is a bar code generator open for everyone, for web page, in vectorial format (SVG File), made by BITENDIAN S.L. Great for any e-commerce and/or responsive web since the generated barcodes can be scaled to any size or resolution, also with any system (zoom, CSS, HTML attributes). You can have unlimited barcodes just registering on Bitbarcodes, a tool implemented and tested for industrial production projects.
Efficency on web development TBP is a framework for web application development writed onPHP and developed by Bitendian Ltd. Focused to become a hight provinding solution for small and medium bussiness. Objectives TBP started as an R&D project, and emerged as the most flexible alternative to build corporate pages, ecommerces and content management systems TBP has as main objectives to provide a development environment where easily adapt any requirement of medium and small application.Between those applications, we found: · Hight reliability · Hight flexibility · Custom Integrity · Excelent maintainance · Testability · Usability customizable · Portability Main features TBP has born to offer a quick and robust functional development for most common web system, keeping a hight flexibility to adapt to more concrete requirements from our customers. · Multi-language native support. · E-commerce creation module (e-Shop). · Content Management System (CMS) module. Technical issues · Non-intrusive programming . TBP has been structured taking care of an easy integration to other systems without change native code · Easy combination with other existing PHP applications: TBP can be integrated in a non-intrusive way in any poin of your existing web application. · Prepared for - Multiple programming paradigms: OOP and COP - Automatic persistence system - Web positioning: TBP external monitoring modules allows to view your application throw multiple SEO technologies. - Well formed URLs.
BitPM is a comprehensive system for the management of customers, projects, billing and payments, with automatic integration of bank monitoring systems to reflect the status of accounts in real time. System 100% tailored for the ERP structure of an hourly service company. Automated management with human supervision increases efficiency by reducing the cost of management to the creation of invoices and validation of payments in the application itself. The payments can be made, optionally, by means of integrated payment gateways, although the system is synchronized with any banking entity, monitoring all movements and, through a supervised AI subsystem, the potential pairings between bank movements and issued invoices are made; This task is supervised by an authorized human, who validates the proposals of the AI ​​subsystem. On the other hand, the system has the usual functionalities of an accounting support system: billing, proformas, delivery notes, tax summaries, quality statistics on payment, etc. The integration of BitPM with other external systems, allows to monitor and monetize the resources assigned to each task of each project of each Bitendian client, allowing to cross data of multiple natures to have a global vision of the situation. BitPM is a solution composed of multiple technologies, both open source and proprietary, complementing perfectly: based on CakePHP, it responds to the most demanding needs through TBP.
MPD client. Allow to do file browsing, tag search and add URLs. Includes Podcast management to server playing. Full open source version. bitMPC is a graphical client for MPD to be executed over any Android platform (version 1.5 or higher). Main application objectives are to allow almost fully control on MPD server, taking care on mobile battery consumption and limited persistent space capacities. bitMPC client add as new feature, the possibility to manage RSS subscriptions for PodCast resources in server side from client application. bitMPC name is the join of bit prefix (common on Bitendian Ltd. developed applications) with the acronym MPC. Most stable version of this application can be downloaded completely free from Android Market -the project is in beta stage-, or last development version from Bitendian Ltd. web site. This application has been dessigned and implemented at Bitendian Ltd. (bitendian.com) by Juanan Guerrero (jguerrero@bitendian.com), Inherent bitMPC features · Multiple connection profiles with MPD servers. · Sliding control panel, accessible from any tab. · Tab «now playing» with direct access to current playing song and browsable playlist. · Search current song with slide bar. · Playlist management and one-click play. · Allow to play remote URLs on server from client. · File browsing database indexed files with add files, folders and playlist features. · Search by tags. · RSS subscription list with auto-update in each query (application does not save local information to improve space efficiency). · Allow to play any RSS complain resource to server from client. · State bar. · «Smart button» that exec – with one click. from any application screen – most common commands (play, pause, stop, connect and disconnect from server). · Interactive repeat and random play icons. · Application Icons has been designed following the Android «icon design guidelines» to keep device look and feel. Inherents MPD features · Play Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, WavPack, MP2, MP3, MP4/ACC, MOD, Musepack, wave files and any other FFmpeg supported format. · MPDF remote control over network (IPv4 and IPv6 both supported). · Play FLAC, OggFLAC, MP3 and OggVorbis HTTP streams. · Read and store metadata (ID3 (id3v1 and id3v2)), Vorbis comments, and MP4 metadata. · Metadata can be search. · Buffered play supported (solve short interrupts by system overload or high latency network). · Play without pauses. · Crossfading support. · Seek and play support. · Save, load and manage playlists (M3U format). · Volume control (OSS, ALSA, Pulseaudio and software mixers).