Bitendian has a large experience in software development, both as collaborations with already-developed projects as well as applications completely developed by us. In this second case, in which the software is entirely developed by us:

  • There are initial and periodical analysis, with the cooperation of the customer, where functionalities, screens, stages and milestones are specified.
  • It lacks encoding problems and multi-language is easily integrated.
  • It’s robust, efficient and easily changeable (foreseeing future functionalities).
  • It’s properly documented.

Web portals

We apply our acquired knowledge during these years about SEO (Search Engines Optimizacion) in order to get our sites well positioned among web search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, Live, … Sites developed by us accomplish the standars and due to that they are properly displayed by all browsers.


Promotions and competitions

  • We start up product promotions from the initial design stated by the client.
  • We offer a back-office in order to allow the contest’s supervisor to keep track of it.

Corporative intranets and ERPs

  • We put special emphasys on changeability, taking in account the dynamic needs an enterprise has.
  • We watch over privacity, as well as ease to acces the information by different users.
  • We work on the scalabilty and portability of the intranet/ERP, according to each enterprise’s need.

Engineering applications

  • Management applications.
  • Statistical and Data mining applications (R-Project).
  • Applications for industrial calculus.
  • Languages: C, C++, Java, PHP, .NET according to the need.

Web crawlers (spiders)

  • Graph theory-based search algorithms.
  • Tokenization (pre-treatment) of HTML/CSS information.
  • Machine learning from patterns.
  • Information filtering with automatically exclusion of anomalous observations (outliers).

Applications for mobile devices

  • Experience in developing applications for mobile devices in Java language (J2ME and Android).
  • More specifically, we’ve made games for mobile devices, clients for client/server applications, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-fi, 3G and connection to short message servers via XML.

CMS (Content Manager System)

  • We adapt OpenSource software (Drupal, etc.) or rather make it ourselves, according to the requirements.
  • Experts in video and audio streaming.
  • User communities with different roles.

Natural language processing

  • Automatic language and topic detection (supervised learning from text corpora).
  • Search algorithms robust to spelling mistakes (medical histories unification, etc.).


  • Payment gateway adapted to each particular bank.
  • They mantain the state of every process during session.
  • They provide a backend to comfortably be maintained by shop’s manager.
  • They include the customized functionalities required by the client (recommend to a friend, sponsor a friend, searches, multilanguage, etc.)

Systems access controls

Certified by AXESS in product systems access controls AX 500:

  • AxCoding and DCI4ExternalPOS
  • WTP Service Interface
  • DCI4CustomerRelationManagement