Computer systems

Your company’s systems are the tool on which to develop your business and if they stop working your business suffers or may even stop. Your company systems are the tool over your business develops.If they fail your business can be affected and Bitendian has extensive experience in systems so that makes us a perfect partner for your business. Experts on preventative (monitoring, backups, duplication of services) as well as corrective in all environments (Windows, Unix / Linux, Internet services, high performance / high availability, database, secure environments, etc).


Network technologies

  • Computer networks security: local and remote packet traffic analysis, IDS (Intruder Detection Systems), SSL certificates.
  • Network technologies deployment: structured cabling, VLANs, peer-to-peer wireless, voice over IP (VoIP).
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN): OpenVPN, IPsec VPN.

High performance & availability

  • We optimize network services such as web pages (among others) which require high performance and high availability.
  • We offer a full-service: we optimize the application code with the aim of reducing computational and resource requirements (databases, network,…) and we deploy technologies which are focused on balancing the load among different servers in order to absorbe other loads of their services. Some of the technologies we deploy are: Heartbeat, DRDB, channel bonding, IPVS, LVS-NAT, LVS-DR, LVS-Tun, load balancers, Piranha, Keepalived, Ultramonkey, Ldirector.
  • Database optimizations: query performance analysis, both at source code level and database structure level; MySQL database replication either master-master or master-slave.

Advice and technical assistance

  • Preventative, planned or urgent assistance for workstations and local networks: by means of periodical reports, we advise preventive actions to be performed and keep your equipment checked. We also offer to our clients a telephone number and an online ticketing service to attend them immediately or not, depending on the rate and the case.
  • Server installation (web servers for intranets, file servers with Samba and ACL, software RAID, hardware RAID).
  • Hosting management: we advise you to the type of hosting/backup you need to hire according to your needs. If needed, we administer your server once it is hired.
  • Advice to the hardware infrastructure needed in each case: as hardware providers, we supply you the exact hardware you need.
  • Remote monitoring of services (NagiOS and Zabbix).

Linux based systems

Experts on Linux support, installation of Ubuntu and Debian servers.