serveis informàtics per empreses



Bitendian has a large experience in software development, both as collaborations with already-developed projects as well as applications completely developed by us. In this second case, in which the software is entirely developed by us:

  • There are initial and periodical analysis, with the cooperation of the customer, where functionalities, screens, stages and milestones are specified.
  • It lacks encoding problems and multi-language is easily integrated.
  • It’s robust, efficient and easily changeable (foreseeing future functionalities).
  • It’s properly documented.

Computer systems

Your company’s systems are the tool on which to develop your business and if they stop working your business suffers or may even stop. Your company systems are the tool over your business develops.If they fail your business can be affected and Bitendian has extensive experience in systems so that makes us a perfect partner for your business. Experts on preventative (monitoring, backups, duplication of services) as well as corrective in all environments (Windows, Unix / Linux, Internet services, high performance / high availability, database, secure environments, etc).



Our quality and customized training got each type of student is guaranteed by our more than 10 years experience in training engineering students and IT professionales.

  • Programming languages: PHP, Java, .NET
  • Administration and programming with databases (mainly MySQL)
  • Linux, both user and administrator levels: introduction and advanced concepts (LPIC1 and LIPC2 certifications)
  • Statistical software (Minitab, R-Project, …)


Advise the company on how to make use of information technologies to help achieve their business goals. We implement, deploy and manage proposed solutions. We audit third-party implemented systems, we generate a status report (safety, maintainability and correctness) as well as the necessary documentation in order to develop and maintain the audited systems.