Bitendian was born in 2009, along with the crisis. It raises as a challenge, from the hope of having our own business and be the guides of our own vision. It is not only about providing services to our customers, but about creating products, investing in R+D and enjoying our work.

Our story begins with us and two ideas: that we could combine our experiences and that the sum of 4 of us was not only four, it was more than four (1 +1 +1 +1> 4). Is not about a simple synergy, but about getting our knowledge and our mistakes united in order to seek perfection in our work.

Bitendian started with 0 € and grew up its own resources. This fact has made us become independent, ensuring that, as we are not depending on others, we can do our work without constraints or barriers, obtaining what both parties want: to develop and resolve any IT project effectively and efficiently.

Bitendian is a claim towards engineering. A search of excellence in good practices of computer engineering: promoting and using UML (visualizing, specifying, constructing and documenting a system), together with many other tools belonging to high level Software Engineering. In summary: Collecting all the experience we have gained, keeping just the best and purging all those methods which haven’t proved to be neither æthical nor optimal.

Exclusively made up of computer engineers with wide professional experience

Alex Jurado

Alex Jurado

Teacher and Math enthusiast, he began programming at the age of 8 with his MSX 32K

Marc Clausell

Marc Clausell

Robust and rigorous, enjoys a good software architecture as well as scaling a distributed application

Juanan Guerrero

Juanan Guerrero

Clear and straight, both developing concepts in his classes or designing databases and programs

Oriol Prat

Oriol Prat

Curious and perfectionist, he disassembled devices when he was a child to know how they worked

Our values ​​make the difference



We explain in detail what we have done and how we have implemented the solution. In that way we involve and train the team of the company so that they can handle the solution in the future.



Our client portfolio is not limited to nearby of Barcelona. We can work with clients from around the world, whether national or international.



Being a small company we are very close to our customers. There are no departments and bureaucracy. Only we four and our customers, working together to find a solution.



Four career with over 10 years experience in software engineering, which are not only connected, but are added. We also need to add more than 4 years working together, growing together and achieved great success.


Training capacity

Understand computer engineering. From inside to outside and in all its aspects. This allows us to explain naturally and competent either pupils or clients. This can be confirmed by our experience in university teaching



We create independence. We will not solve a problem and disappear. We give our clients a detailed document of the problem and the solution for that in the future they can solve it whether it be by themselves or by recruiting others and not have to start from 0 again.

For us, it is not only important to give a good service, we also want to give a quality service. That is why we are always forming, learning and investing time and resources in research and development. Within this research are:

  • Automatic learning
  • Natural Language
  • Techniques texting
  • Patterns of software image
  • Simulation
  • Data Mining